Today high-temperature furnaces and processing plant fitted with refractory metal components make it possible to reach temperatures of up to 3000 C in vacuum or protective atmospheres. They are used in many fields of modern technology : in vacuum brazing, in sintering technology, in heat treatment as well as in research and development

Component manufacturing (heating elements, heat shields, charge racks and accessories) as well as spare parts and semi-finished products (sheets, wires, rods, fasteners) can be offered for existing furnaces

Annealing and Brazing in High Vacuum
Sintering Technology
MIM (Metal Injection Moulding)
Heat Treatment and Hardening
Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)

Development, design and manufacture of complete hot zones for furnaces, vacuum furnaces, MIM boxes and gas-introduction systems

Replacement, rebuilding and upgrading of hot zones of existing furnaces (also replacing graphite hot zones with metallic hot zones), including co-operation with the furnace manufacturer

Rebuilding and upgrading of existing furnaces

Manufacture of furnace furniture such as base plates, charge carriers, sintering boats, stacking sheets, spacers and stacking sheets with spacers in molybdenum, TZM and MLR

HIP-cylinder and charge baskets including heating systems (heating elements, thermal insulation, etc) for HIP furnaces

Components for the rapid-cooling system (rotors, stators, etc)

Charge carriers and fasteners (screws, nuts, etc)

Bespoke components to customer requirements