The Melting of Glass

PLANSEE products made of molybdenum and tungsten are tailor-made for the glass industry
The PLANSEE product range:

Molybdenum glass melting electrodes in rod and plate form

Oxidation resistant coating SIBOR®

Molybdenum tank reinforcements with SIBOR® coating to prolong the service lifetime of a tank

Homogenising of Glass Melts

Stirrers made of high-temperature metals and ODS super-alloys are being increasingly used for the homogenisation of molten glass due to the increased requirements in terms of the thermal and chemical homogeneity of glass melts
Gobbers/plungers made of molybdenum, its alloys and ODS materials (page stirrers for homogenising and portioning)

The Coating of Glass

Sputtering targets made of Ta, Cr, CrNi 
Evaporation boats and evaporation coils made of refractory metals