ELTI is located near to Lyon. ELTI designs and builds furnaces suited to your most complex heat treatments starting from standards.
Guaranteed precision, long life, and Quality!

ELTI has integrated workshops allowing the control of the various phases of manufacturing carried out by professionals qualified in boiler making, heating engineering, electricity, pneumatics, hydraulics, mechanics, atmosphere management, automation, painting...

manufacturing program:

Horizontal batch furnaces, vertical pit furnaces, continuous heat-treatment lines, conveyor belt furnaces, connexion equipment, accessories & second hand furnaces.
Modular continuous lines integrating standard elements :
Hardening, washing, tempering
Bainitic hardening, washing
Carbonitriding, washing, stress releaving etc...


Conveyor belt furnaces with incorporated quenching tank (oil, polymers, salt bath).

Conveyor belt furnaces, flat or humped back, with cooling in water-jacket.

Furnaces for tubes and wires.

Rotary retort furnaces.

Shaker earth furnaces.

Pit furnaces.

Furnaces with horizontal chamber, modulair et juxtaposable according to the process process.

Batch type furnaces.

Forced air circulation furnaces, with horizontal or vertical chamber or conveyor belt. 

Furnaces and equipment for the jewellery and goldsmithery.

Preheating furnaces.

Continuous washers.

Furnaces and equipment for the laboratory and teaching.

All fluids quenching tanks.

Electrical control cabinets.

Complete supervising systems of the process.

Various accessories such as muffles, resistors, plates, conveyor belts, ...