Linn is a German manufacturer of laboratory and industrial furnaces, microwace systems and High frequency generators.  typical applications are ceramics, sample preparation for the spectroscopy, jewellery, dental and R&D.

Industrial Furnaces • Laboratory Furnaces

Chamber furnaces
Gas- or vacuumtight chamber furnaces
Tube furnaces
Rotary tube furnaces
Continuous belt furnaces / Push through furnaces
High pressure furnaces
Laboratory muffle furnaces
Gas- or vacuumtight laboratory muffle furnaces

Induction Heating

High frequency heating and High-frequency-generator HTG
Medium frequency inverter Type MFG for industrial heating / melting
Medium frequency melting system

Microwave Heating

Microwave dual frequency heating chamber MKE 1,6/2,45-1,0/5,8-400/330
Microwave rotary tube furnace
New dual-frequency 2,45 GHz/5,8 GHz test microwave sintering furnace 
Microwave laboratory furnace Multi-Lab 2.45 / 2.0
Microwave hybride debindering furnace, MKST-2,45/6,4
Microwave chamber furnace with air circulation 19,2 kW / 1,5 m³
Microwave continuous belt furnaces with pneumatically operated doors
Microwave continuous heating chamber, MEK
Microwave furnace, MHTD
High Temperature Technology