Since several decades, OCT represents top manufacturers offering thermal treatment solutions, each of them covering well defined application fields.

For applications on low temperatures (<650°C), we can offer drying furnaces - batch or tunnel type -,  annealing furnaces, furnaces for polymerisation and sintering of plastics and rubbers, and rotomoulding equipment, manufactured by SAT.

For the high temperature range, we can offer annealing furnaces and tunnels, cylindrical pit furnaces, batch and continuous furnaces  with atmosphere for nitriding or carbonitriding, manufactured by ELTI;
Also hardening furnaces with quenching, batch or integrated in a continuous line.

Induction-hardening machines, induction-heating machines, frequency-converters from EMA;

Batch furnaces for extremely high temperatures, for ceramics, MF and HF generators, as well as microwave technology in heating chamber or continuous belt furnaces, manufactured by LINN;

Vacuum hardening and sintering furnaces, and vacuum melting, casting and refining furnaces, manufactured by ALD;

Large industrial furnaces, rotary hearth and pusher-type furnaces manufactured by AICHELIN.