The electronics division of OCT distributes magnetic materials and inductive components for the electronics and electrical industry. Your benefit with OCT's Electronics division: specialists in inductive components, customer service and flexible logistics. Contact us!

We represent three high quality German manufacturers, with production facilities all over the world:




magnetic cores

VAC Ringcore W886

We carry a wide range of soft magnetic cores and specialty parts for electronic manufacturing:

wound ring cores in VITROPERM and VITROVAC

stacked-lamelled cores

pot cores in metal powder

Inductive components

SMP Choke

The inductive electronic components in our product range are based upon the magnetic cores of Vacuumschmelze, SMP or ferrite cores. The target markets of these components are: power electronics, telecommunication and Radio-Frequency applications.

For power electronics we supply:

Power and drive transformers


Linear chokes

Current sensors

Components for EMC (electromagnetic compliance) or EMI suppression

CMC's (common mode chokes)

For telecommunications we supply:



ISDN and xDSL (ADSL, SDSL, HDSL) transformers and modules

xDSL (ADSL, SDSL, HDSL) splitters and filters

Adjustable inductances

We supply a wide range of standard components as well as custom design inductive components.

Standard passive components for electronics


OCT works closely together with his Dutch sister company VAN DELDEN, offering a wide range of standard electronics components:

Capacitors: film capacitors, ceramic capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, Tantalum capacitors

Resistors: precision resistors, varistors, NTC or PTC temperature dependent resistors

Potentiometers and trimmers

Inductors: ferrites and their accessories, RF-coils

Crystals, SAW components, oscillators, piëzo-buzzers

And many others

Materials for electronics

We offer specialty materials for:

permanent rare earth magnets with very high energy densities: NdFeB and SmCo

magnetic materials: crystalline, amorphous and nano-crystalline metals

bi-metals for thermostats

various special alloys

These materials are available as raw material and as semi-finished parts and assemblies.